Ace’s Place – Pizza For Breakfast? The Argument Doesn’t Stop There

We’ve all been there right?  At some point in your life, you got up and just decided to grab a leftover slice of pizza for breakfast.  You probably felt like you were getting away with something, didn’t you?  You looked breakfast square in the eye, and in defiance said, NOT TODAY!  Well…it looks like all that is changing.  Pizza is now an acceptable breakfast item.

Not enough to convince you?  Even nutritionists are now saying pizza is a healthier option than most breakfast cereals.  So go ahead, grab that slice without shame and have the breakfast that you always wanted!  Problem is, for me, the argument isn’t over.  HOW are you eating that pizza?

I’m of the mind that a cold slice of pizza is one of the most underrated food items out there.  I know not ALL cold pizza is created equal.  If done right, and you get a good quality pie, I argue that there is no need to heat it at all.  Talk about a quick breakfast, just grab it out of the fridge and go.  You eat a lot of vegetables cold anyway.  You’ve probably had plenty of cheese on sandwiches cold, and maybe even had some pepperoni on there too.  So, why not?

Think I’m crazy?  Maybe I am, but not about this.  I stand firm that not only is pizza great for breakfast, cold pizza just may be the way to go?  So I say we get #TeamColdPIzza going on Twitter.  Tweet me your thoughts and we can finally give cold pizza the attention that it deserves.  It’s not just for kids and college dorms.  Cold pizza is a culinary treasure, and should be treated as such.

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– James