How Many Americans Have A Zombie Apocalypse Plan?

How Many Americans Have A Zombie Apocalypse Plan?

A town in North Carolina is holding a “zombie survival” event this month to let people practice for the zombie apocalypse we KNOW we’ll all face someday. Each person has 60 minutes to retrieve all the supplies they’d need to survive one night in a zombie “contamination zone.” And people dressed as zombies will be chasing them around the whole time. It’s not supposed to be a serious event. But a new survey found 1 in 7 Americans actually DO have plans in place in case of a zombie outbreak.

14% of Americans, including 24% of millennials . . . 15% of Gen Xers . . . and 6% of baby boomers have a plan! Do you?

Here are some of the plans!
1. Gather guns, ammo, and other weapons.

2. Find a good place to hide and regroup.

3. Gather supplies and food.

4. Relocate to a place with fewer zombies. So, not a city.

5. Meet up with family and friends, so there’s strength in numbers.