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Mike Allen

Mike grew up in Norfolk and wanted to get into radio since he was 10.  He was fascinated by the voice behind the microphone and the technical reality of what made it work.  Mike would hang around when radio stations like WGH and WNOR did live broadcast from remote studio's in the early 70's.  He'd watch them cue records, play tapes and talk.  He'd look in the window and see the needle on the record and think..."Wow, that sound that is coming from that little needle is being broadcast all over Tidewater!"  He was hooked from that point and would ask questions and in general, bug the DJ's.

Mike says "My dad worked for Pepsi, so I would bring the DJ's six packs of Pepsi, get them newspapers and bribe them with snacks, so I could get in the booth and talk to them."  Mike's parents moved to Chesapeake when he was 14.  He attended Great Bridge High School and The Chesapeake Technical Center's radio course.  Mike worked part-time in radio in 1978 and the last year of high school, Mike got a full-time job at WNOR on-the-air overnight.  Then he'd sign-on the high school station at 7AM.  After he graduated, he worked for stations like WNOR, K-94 and Z104. 

He then shifted gears to broadcast engineer for over 3 years at WGH-FM, and helped build the studios in this building from the floor up.  He was then hired for nights on WGH-FM.  After that, mornings, eventually afternoons and Program Director of WFOG, now "92-9 The WAVE!", WVBW.  Mike also does play by play for Langley Speedway and has done NASCAR Cup races in Richmond.  Mike's hero's are his parents Marguerite and GC, for doing whatever it took to let him live his dream. 

His favorite vacations include the state of Florida and going to NASCAR races with his family and friends.  His interests include the beach, playing pool, go-carts, snow skiing, bowling, grilling at home and creating, designing or building things.  Best moments: The birth of his son Tanner and any time he gets to spend with his wife, Karla.  
Favorite TV shows include "American Pickers", "American Restoration", "NASCAR", "Whitney", "Up All Night", and "Parenthood".  
Favorite movies include "FM", "American Hot Wax", "American Graffitti", "It's a Wonderful Life", "Cars", "Toy Story" and old Elvis beach movies. Favorite NASCAR driver was always Ricky Rudd and is Dale Earnhardt, Jr.      

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