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We can SEE you! This doggie sure is having fun in the pool, until he (wait for it….) gets busted. Look at how innocently he slinks out of that pool!!

Summer should NOT be boring!

Summer is almost here! You know it won’t take long; the kids are likely to be bored in 5..4..3..2…
So what to DO to keep them occupied, having fun, and every once in a while, productive??

Here’s a BuzzFeed list of what THEY recommend. Ummm… ‘Design a piece of furniture’??
Sure, no pressure there. Shaving cream, and Cheetos? YES.
Click here

Here’s another idea most of us parents will enjoy 🙂

It’s Virginia 529 Day!

Virginia wants to make higher education more affordable for your family, which is why they offer Invest529 accounts though Virginia 529.
Celebrate 529 Day (it’s 5/29 today, get it?) with a $50 match with eligible new accounts or even a chance to WIN an Invest529 account worth $529!
Find out more here.
And listen to Jen & Paul from the “Morning Wave” talk with Devon Copeland of Virginia 529 about today’s “529 Day” celebration here.

Aruba, Jamaica, oooh . . . we’re not coming.

Getting married in some exotic location sounds magical, but you should know that it comes at a cost . . . according to the average cost to a guest to attend a wedding outside the United States is over $2,400.00! And that’s why over half the guests invited to a “destination wedding” decline the invitation.
Maybe save the trip to a far-off land for the honeymoon? Read more about it here.
– Paul