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Vans Shoes Challenge is Confirmed…A Failure

People are throwing their Vans shoes in the air en masse, thanks to a viral Internet challenge. The challenge began when a Twitter user noticed that her Vans shoes always landed upright when she threw them onto the floor. She shared a video of her discovery, along with a caption that claimed, “it doesn’t matter how you throw your vans they will land facing up.”

Did you know it doesn’t matter how you throw your vans they will land facing up

— lana m!sses tøp (@Ibelievthehype) March 2, 2019

and more followed suit

I learned today that no matter how you throw your vans they always land right side up…

— Bryce🧼 (@BryceMckenney1) March 3, 2019

Hey at least it’s not more throwing cheese at babies

Well Jennifer tried it but without the same results

Weird Childhood Food Habits

People were sharing their weirdest childhood food habits on Twitter and WOW, they are GROSS!
Not to be outdone, Wave listeners answered the call!

Paul’s Daughter Diana Fills In On the Show

Jennifer was off this morning so Paul’s lovely daughter Diana filled in on the Morning Wave

and Paul put her on the spot asking her to make a “True Confession” ON-THE-AIR!!

Martha Stewart’s Scrambled Egg Hack Involves a Cappuccino Machine and People Aren’t Having It

Go home Martha Stewart you’re drunk,

The Food Network shared Martha’s new way of cooking scrambled eggs. It begins the process by cracking two eggs into a glass mug. She then briskly whisks the eggs, adds a little salt, a little pepper and “about a teaspoon and a half of butter.”

But when it comes time to cook the eggs, instead of grabbing a frying pan, Stewart places the glass cup underneath the steam wand nozzle of a nearby cappuccino machine. The wand — which is normally used for frothing up coffee drinks — scrambles her eggs in less than a minute.

People were not having it

and this pretty much sums it up