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20 Celebs Who Were Once Homeless

“Business Insider” has a list of 20 celebrities who were once homeless . . . although it’s a LITTLE hyperbolic, because in a lot of the cases it’s just famous people’s quotes about how they were so poor they were basically living out of their car when they were young, struggling artists. Still, they ARE…

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Fla. Man Arrested After Sending Woman 10,000 Text Messages in 12 Days

Florida Man Nicholas C Nelson was extradited from Georgia this week after allegedly sending 10,000 ext messages to a female acquaintance in a 12-day period. According to police some of those messages were sexually explicit, obsessive and threatened violence upon churches and airports. The texts were sent in April, and Nelson was taken into custody…

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Are These the Ten Most Stressful “Life Moments”?

A new survey looked at the most stressful “life moments.” And we’re not sure we’re on board with the results, because a few big ones didn’t make the list. Divorce and the death of a loved one did NOT make the top ten. But somehow, a dead PHONE BATTERY did. (???) Here are the top…

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Healthy Enough To Poop Glitter

GREAT NEWS! There’s a company in England called Feel that’s selling a new multivitamin. And it contains GLITTER . . . so when you poop, it sparkles. There have been pills that have done that in the past, but none that were actually a vitamin. They’re taking a limited number of pre-orders now on their…