Is Cologne/Perfume For You? Or Your Significant Other?

Today on THE SITCH, Pete from Norfolk called in because his girlfriend finally revealed after two years that she hates his cologne! She really wants him to switch to a different scent, but Pete has become attached to his Drakkar Noir, and feels like he doesn’t want to change that part of his identity. He feels like his girlfriend only gets a hint of the fragrance after a long day at work anyway….but shouldn’t these two be going on dates of some sort? Anyway, this raises the question of whether cologne/perfume is for you and your confidence? Or more to please your partner? The first two callers said that the short answer is basically “both.” But we had to dig deeper and ask which partner should be considered MORE when selecting a defining fragrance. Each subsequent caller said that the cologne choice is for you first and foremost. Strangely enough the Facebook commenters had the opposite view, saying that the significant other needs to at least be part of the decision making process. Brian was very passionate that it’s more for the significant other, while Kristina firmly believed that it’s primarily for you! We wish Pete the best of luck with that.

Join us Monday on The Wave Wakeup where we address a Father’s “sitch” in which his wife doesn’t want to let their 10-year-old son go hunting. Have a good weekend!