OMG BECKY…He Used A Gift Card On The First Date!

Today on THE SITCH, Justin from Norfolk wrote in because he got DUMPED for using a gift card! Justin had been interested in this girl for a while and finally got a mutual friend to set them up. Justin thought the date went well, but the girl pretty much ghosted him afterwards. Turns out the girl was very unimpressed by the gift card move, and Justin found this out through their mutual friend. She could’ve been making up a less offensive excuse to get out of a second date, but we still wanted to focus on the question of whether or not gift cards are appropriate on a first date. The responses were once again unanimous in saying that the girl must be very high maintenance to make such a drastic decision on something so little. But Kristina & Brian still thought that a gift card is a bad look for a first date. It shouldn’t be a deal-breaker obviously, but should probably be avoided.

Tomorrow we’ve got a grumpy granny alert! A mother is wondering if it’s okay to pay her kids to hang out and be friendly with their pain-in-the-butt grandmother on the father’s side. Should be a fun one! Tune in Wednesday at 7:10am for THE SITCH every weekday!