Probably Not A Good Idea To Ask Your Girlfriend To Wear Makeup

That was the general consensus on The Sitch today. Dave wrote us because he is taking his new girlfriend to meet his parents for Thanksgiving this year. Apparently Dave’s parents are very old fashioned and expect him and his new girlfriend to formally dress up for the occasion. Now Dave’s girlfriend wears makeup sporadically, but he felt like she should put some on for this occasion, so he was wondering how he could ask her in a nice way, if there is a nice way. Brian was a hard no because he loves his girls au natural and wouldn’t be that concerned about making the ultimate first impression on his parents. Kristina could understand Dave’s side and didn’t think it would be unreasonable to mention makeup to the girlfriend. One caller found a good middle ground where Dave might be able to achieve his goal. If he casually emphasizes that it will be a formal affair, then the girlfriend will probably wear makeup anyway. But if she doesn’t it’s not the end of the world and hopefully the parents aren’t too shallow!

Join us tomorrow for a big ethical dilemma regarding mail-in voting ballots being thrown out by a spouse!