Accidentally Set My Friend Up With A Felon…Do I Tell Her?

The short answer is NO! Today Kristina & Brian tackled Amy’s Sitch in which she played match-maker for two of her friends. They have been dating for some time and seem to be hitting it off, however Amy recently discovered that the guy is a convicted felon. Amy felt weird about this and was wondering if she’s obligated to tell her girl friend in the relationship. The consensus from callers and commenters alike was to stay out of the situation and let them handle it. Especially since things are going well so far. The guy deserves to pick the right time/place to reveal that part of his past, just so long as he eventually does reveal it. It sort of became a question of, does she even need to know? And most people felt like she does deserve to know. Most of us probably would want to know that about our partner!

Join us tomorrow for a very poignant Sitch. Friend of the show Dan opens up about a struggle him and his partner are currently going through. Let’s see if we can give him some good opinions!