What To Do When A Close Friend Is Ghosting You?

Today on THE SITCH, K&B got an email from Anna who is losing touch with one of her best (girl) friends. The friend recently started seeing a new guy, and we all know what happens to a friend when they start a new relationship. The relationship essentially becomes their life. Anna has continually tried to reach out to her, and is starting to feel hurt and dissed by her friend. So she was wondering what her options are if she doesn’t want to lose her friend for good. Brian thought that since it’s still so early into the relationship, maybe give it a little more time before really pushing to see what’s up. He thinks the friend will extend her hand again at some point. Callers mostly agreed that it’s in Anna’s best interest to let it go. Anna was considering some kind of light intervention with the friend circle, but callers advised against that since the friend would probably feel cornered and get defensive.

Maybe the old saying is true even in the case of friends: If you love something, set it free, and if it comes back its yours! Although we hope Anna and her friend have a few friends!