It’s a Covid Christmas Party!

“Jill” has been invited to a Company Christmas party, but has covid concerns. She is known for being something of a stickler about mask and group protocols, while most of her co-workers aren’t. Her boss said that they would only throw this Christmas party if EVERYONE joined. Jill felt like this was directed at her, because they know she won’t want to go. Sure enough Jill doesn’t want to go, but she doesn’t want to ruin it for everyone else and have her co-workers hate her. Our first caller, Pete, had a brilliant idea. Jill should accept the invite initially, and then the day before the party, tell everyone that she’s having symptoms and doesn’t want to risk it. Perhaps a bit of a white lie, but Brian was okay with this one. The rest of the input boiled down to health and safety being the number one concern for everyone right now. Even if others aren’t, we have to do what we think is best for us. If her co-workers really take that much of an issue with Jill then maybe she isn’t in the right position for her.

Be safe out there and good luck “Jill!”