Wardrobe Evolution

Sarah is unhappy with her boyfriend’s wardrobe and feels like he needs an overhaul. She basically wants to pick out his clothes for him and was wondering if this makes her a bad person. She’s already started hiding some of his shirts that she can’t stand. Right off the bat Brian was all for it, as long as she’s respectful and kind about it. She should frame it as a helpful suggestion as opposed to a demand. Callers and commenters all agreed this wouldn’t make her a bad person. It’s not uncommon for guys to not be in touch with their fashion sense and he might even appreciate the help. However it should be a fairly gradual process, and most people said she should let him hold on to his favorite shirts, sweaters, etc. Kristina was surprised by people’s reactions because she thinks clothes are a big part of a person’s identity, thus Sarah is trying to change her boyfriend which is a no-no in any relationship. This is why Sarah needs to get her boyfriend on board with the idea!