Cutting Out A Toxic “Family” Member

Kristina presented her own Sitch today. She has a toxic step-father who won’t stop reaching out to her and it’s bordering on harassment. She’s tried ignoring him and he still drives her crazy. Kristina is wondering how to cut him out as efficiently as possible, for good. We got a few really good suggestions on this one and I’m just gonna cut to the chase this time. Our last caller, Ellen, came through with the brilliant old fashioned idea of sending a letter! Kristina & Brian both immediately fell in love with that idea. It could open up more worm cans, and might not be the most effective decision, but it’s a great place to start. Other suggestions varied. One person said to be direct with him on the phone and essentially demand that he respect her wishes. Another person suggested trying to contact his other daughters first, or other people close to him to get a feel first. Donald had a cheeky suggestion that BRIAN deliver the news to Kristina’s step-father. We’re not so sure about that, but Brian is willing to as a last resort!