To Be, Or Not To Be?

I’m not really sure if I’m using that title correctly in order to honor the reference, but who cares, I did it.

Anyway, today on the Sitch, anonymous “Jill” recently discovered that her boyfriend doesn’t believe in love! Or rather, thinks love is for fools/suckers. Jill didn’t take this too well since she feels the opposite, and was starting to fall for this guy. Even in our attempt to keep this one anonymous, it seems the boyfriend was listening! Or at least somebody who’s in a similar “sitch.” The guy called in claiming to be the boyfriend in the scenario, and tried to explain himself by basically saying he doesn’t believe in the Disney crap and how Hollywood portrays love. That’s what he was trying to say anyway. It really boiled down to how we define “love,” at least that’s what Brian thought. In his view, it’s not a big deal for a guy to say something like that as long as he still makes you happy and shows commitment. So to his surprise, almost everyone suggested that she ditch the guy! We got valuable, experienced input from relationship experts. And by that we mean women married 30+ years. Jill is justified in her concern, but how she proceeds is entirely up to her.