Sister Has Gone M.I.A

Leslie wrote in the sitch today because she’s concerned about her sister. The sister pretty much left the family to go be with her boyfriend, and while they were together for a while, Leslie recently noticed that her sister and her boyfriend had broken up. Leslie felt bad and wanted to reach out to her sister, but she’s hesitant because she isn’t sure her sister wants to hear it. It’s been close to five years with no contact and Leslie even called in a wellness check to make sure she was okay. So what did listeners think? Most people supported reaching out to the sister, but our “anonymous Jill” listener came in with the dissenting opinion to leave the sister be. We can tell Jill is a very rational thinker, and she seemed to think this is the path life chose for those sisters. There’s an old saying about setting something free if you love it. Sounds like this may apply here, but Brian and others still liked the idea of sending a letter or some kind of gentle nudge to let the sister know she’s thinking about her. It was wisely pointed out that the estranged sister may still feel shame, guilt, or embarrassment over the whole deal, so she might need the branch extended to her first.