Is Brian A Vibe-Killer?

NO!! Brian here and the Sitch was mine today. I recently biked through the Cape Henry trail at First Landing State Park and decided to play music out loud via my bluetooth speaker in my backpack. My headphones were in my car when it got stolen and I have yet to replace them. So on this trail I passed people who presumably heard my music, and I was wondering who might find that bothersome. We are coining the term “social violation” for things like this. I was conflicted in doing this because there were some songs that I really wanted to hear on my bike ride through nature, but I also didn’t want to disturb anyone else’s. I made sure to keep the volume low and only play chill music to minimize the possible disruption, but the voice in the back of my head still said I was being obnoxious. Luckily thanks to The Sitch I was validated this morning. Everyone assured me that if the volume is kept down low then people should not be offended by a second or two of (good) music passing by them. Thanks for going easy on me guys!