Kristina’s STICKY Sitch

Kristina  shared a credit card with her former husband, and since she was the primary user, she decided to put it in her name after they divorced. AFTER that, the ex-husband charges an engagement ring for his new fiance on that very card. The agreement was that Kristina would pay down the credit card until the total equaled that of the ring. Kristina even gave him warnings as she was paying it off and getting closer to the ring total. He assured her he was going to pay it up until the moment he was supposed to pay. He then noticed the interest and simply said “I’m not paying, the card is in your name, nana nana boo boo.” Or something like that. Clearly this guy is cut from a questionable cloth. Callers and commenters were all over this one telling Kristina she can threaten legal action since she has more ground to stand on. But the main question was whether or not to get his NEW FIANCE involved! If Kristina simply tells her the story (with evidence) then that should light a fire under her but that extends all the way to the scumbag! Most everyone was in favor of going this route, its simply a matter of how many other options she wants to try before resorting to it.

We’ll get an update on this one for sure!