Unbalanced Love?

An anonymous “Jill” wrote in because she feels like she loves her boyfriend more than he loves her, and it worries her. She’s always been the one who “loves less” and has guys basically fawning over her, so now the roles are reversed and she doesn’t like how it feels! She’s so concerned she feels like it might be a good idea to bail! She raised the question, “is it always the case in a romantic relationship that one person loves the other more?” This sitch resonated with Kristina because she has found herself in a similar situation. Both Kristina & Brian agreed with the statement, but what does this say about love and the people who stay together? Michelle also agreed with the statement, but said love changes numerous times and becomes an ebb and flow. JJ graced us with a call and had his sensitive hat on today. He felt for Jill but encouraged her to keep going with the relationship because it’s still young (about a year), and they will continue to grow together. That’s what a relationship is to Brian (granted he has limited experience) – the agreement to grow together. Ultimately, Jill shouldn’t think too much on it and just go with the flow. One year isn’t a lot of time and things still have plenty of room to grow!