“When Are You Due?”

Are these the four most dreaded words by non-pregnant women? Maybe so! Tanya in Portsmouth wrote in for the Sitch because she was in the grocery store when a woman asked her when her baby is due. The only thing is Tanya had her baby in August of last year. She was offended and wanted to let the other lady have it, but she played nice. This made her curious about the best possible witty responses to the question, should she or other women be asked in the future! Of course, the first response we got was to flip the question back on the other person and ask them when they are due. As a joke, Brian doesn’t think it works, but as far as taking the air out of the awkwardness, K&B both thought it would work. We had a couple bigger women call in to say they’ve been asked this before. One of their tried and tested responses was “the fifth of never.” Someone else said that they put their first baby back in because it was the wrong gender! Brian found that really funny, but it doesn’t really make clear that the person isn’t actually pregnant!