How To Handle Her?

An anonymous “Jill” wrote into the sitch today with a very sticky predicament! Basically, she discovered 3 months ago that her husband was having an affair with a woman who is fairly close to their family due to school sports. So they are uncomfortable close, and Jill wanted to know how other people would handle this whole “Sitch” if they crossed paths with the other women. The most important part is the other woman’s husband allegedly doesn’t even know about the affair. So Jill has an opportunity to rat out the wife to her husband if she wants to go that route. Caller JJ said she has two options, either act like nothing happened, or have fun with the knowledge and get petty with it; maybe joke with the other wife about things they have in common. Overall the response was split pretty evenly as far as telling the wife or just avoiding it all. Dan called in with some great wisdom saying that even if our “Jill” lets the whole thing go, the other wife isn’t “getting away” with anything – as Kristina saw it. Dan said she is living a lie each and every day she hides that from her husband so that is her burden to carry now. Kill them with kindness people!