Mommy Match-Maker?

Patty in Chesapeake is in a tight spot. Her Church friend wants to set up her daughter with Patty’s son. Her friend thinks they’d hit it off, but Patty has her doubts for a few reasons. She doesn’t know how to approach her son about it, or if she even should.

We had mixed response from our listeners, which always makes for a fun time. Initial response leaned towards stay out of it, because I forgot to mention that the “youngsters” are in their late 20’s.

JJ and a few others felt like these children are in a phase where they should be finding their own mates, not letting moms match them up. Some other people encouraged it because what could go wrong?

Well, assuming they don’t hit it off at all, as long as everybody is mature about it and realizes it stemmed from the girl’s mom, then she takes the blame here.

The interesting abstract question was how “natural” of an introduction is that? Especially compared to dating apps, which Brian loathes because he wants a NATURAL first encounter!

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