What Would Cupid Do?

Kristina presented her own situation today, which involves her girlfriend Carrie wanting to be set up with a mutual friend of theirs, Chris. This puts Kristina in an awkward spot because she thinks Carrie is a bit much when it comes to relationships. She was mainly looking for a nice way to recuse herself from the situation, because she doesn’t want to tell her friend how she really feels! Judy called right in to say Kristina should tell Carrie the truth! This is why we love Judy! She says she’s always been blunt and honest in life, and we think it’s gotten her a long way. She always has the best suggestions. However, overall most people said Kristina should stay out of it. That’s the “better safe than sorry” route. Kristina shouldn’t be in the middle of these two, especially because they’ve already MET! THE DOOR IS ALREADY OPEN!

Judy lends some of her sage advice to the show!