Bringing The Hormones Into The Argument?

Jonathan in Norfolk was feeling bold when he presented us with this SITCH. Essentially, his wife has been having a rough time controlling her hormones when it’s her time of month. This is common knowledge to everyone that women CAN get a little grouchy during that time. Jonathan’s wife even ADMITS to it….after the fact. She’s told him post-argument that she was probably fired up due to hormones. This made Jonathan wonder if he could somehow point it out to her before an argument. He even downloaded an app to track her cycle because apparently that’s a thing. Kristina was strongly in favor of a guy being able to use this point in an argument, and she was on an island all by herself with that opinion. Everyone else said 1) Just steer clear and be supportive, and 2) Be happy that she admits it after the fact! Fun Sitch though, it’s a good touchy subject. 

Elena weighs in with her helpful opinion