Dirty Dishes Done Properly!

Brian had the Sitch today because he’s experiencing a weird smell and fruit flies in the kitchen. He moved in with two new roommates who don’t use their dishwasher because they’re just used to not having one. They’re good about cleaning dishes, but then they pile up in the dish rack INSIDE THE SINK. Brian suspected this pileup of condensed moisture MIGHT be causing the smell and/or fruit flies. Either way he just wants everyone to use the dishwasher and was curious if/how he could assert such dominance as the new guy. We got lots of great suggestions and Brian even learned a new phrase from Frank! Hear that below. We got some tips like replacing sponges more often, and cutting up a lemon to put down the disposal. Ultimately people felt Brian has ground to lead by example and slowly nudge them towards the dishwasher. TWO people said he should just get rid of the dish rack altogether!

Frank from Virginia Beach Weighs In!