How Will I Know?! (Whitney Houston Reference)

Friend of the show, Marie wanted to ask the age old question of whether or not her recent reconnection with an old friend is something more than friendly. She recently visited her hometown in Massachusetts and hit it off with an old childhood friend. They’ve both been married and divorced for the past few years. They spent hours catching up there, and now that she’s back home, they’re texting almost on a daily basis. Marie shared her age with us and feels as a 53 year old woman who never really went on dates, she’s unsure about what this guy wants. She wanted some validation from our listeners about whether or not he’s into her like that, and everyone just said “tell him how YOU feel!” While we can get behind this, we were hoping for a little more fun “chasing” but NOT necessarily “playing games.” Kristina & Brian agreed (rare) that people secretly want the cute little chase part of the relationship beginning!

Judy from Chesapeake shares her thoughts!