She Was On Vacation!

An anonymous “Jill” wrote in with a very unfortunate work situation. She went on vacation for two weeks and came back to news that they lost a client because she was unreachable. Jill gave them all a week’s notice in case her co-workers needed any files or information. While she was gone, one of her co-workers couldn’t find an important file for a client. Turns out this co-worker is supervised by “Jill” and was trying to contact her. The blame has fallen squarely on Jill and she was seeking other people’s opinions on The Sitch. 

We got all sorts of feedback. The comments are still rolling in on facebook, but it seems to be a 50/50 split, if leaning not more AGAINST Jill! The best arguments were that she is a supervisor and because of this she could have A) given everyone more of a notice and specifically mention where critical files are, or B) answer the phone and solve the issue. By the looks of things it would’ve been a quick fix. Brian argues that it’s the entire office that’s to blame for how things are run. Things should never hit the fan that hard if one person goes missing. What if it was some kind of emergency or lost service on Jill’s end?

JJ From Portsmouth Weighs In!