Dwayne had The Sitch today because his neighbor keeps waking him up on the weekend by cutting his grass so early. Dwayne already wakes up at 4:30am during the work week, so he cherishes that Saturday morning sleep-in. He wondered if there is a nice way to ask the neighbor to essentially wait a few hours so he can get some extra rest. Dwayne thought that since his neighbor uses a riding lawnmower, it shouldn’t be a huge deal to wait an hour or two even if it heats up. Kristina passionately sided with Dwayne whereas Brian wouldn’t want to be “That” neighbor. 

Listeners were very divided as well. It was pretty much an even split. Diane on Facebook couldn’t believe all the people who were saying “suck it up” and “get over it!” The conclusion was that Dwayne could/should find the nicest, most convenient way possible to ask his neighbor. Maybe invite him over for a bbq, like Alonzo suggested! 

Nancy And JJ had different opinions!