Stop Cooking For Me!?

Lucas in Virginia Beach started seeing a new gal last November and everything is going well except for one thing. Lucas comes from a Hispanic family where food is a big part of their culture. Any time he mentions nostalgic food, his girlfriend tries to make it, and it never tastes right. He’s offered to help but she’s determined to do it on her own. Worst part is Lucas thinks she’s trying to outdo is own mother, which simply will never happen. He’s wondering if he can just ask her to stop cooking those kinds of food? 

Some said yes, some said no. Some said he could try talking less about those foods so she’s not tempted to cook them. We felt the best solution would be to get Lucas’ mom/family together with his girlfriend and make the cooking a family affair, if both parties are willing. Brian felt strongly that if they want the relationship to last, she’ll need to embrace the family at some point.

Beth-Anne called in with the BEST SOLUTION