Inappropriate Boss!?

An anonymous “Jill” wrote in because her boss recently tried to kiss her one night after going out with co workers. Jill’s husband wants her to quit her job or at least report it to HR, but Jill doesn’t think it’s that serious. The curious thing was that they went out with co-workers, but at the end of the night Jill and her boss were the only ones left. In addition, her husband has met her boss, so he knew what he was doing. Hubby wants to have a few words with the boss and now Jill just wants to know how to defuse this, or if her husband has a point about quitting/telling HR.

Brian was surprised to find out most people thought this was no big deal! Some people were even wondering why she told her husband in the first place! Apparently married relationships are much different than Brian thought. Brenda however called in with a unique view…

Great input Brenda!