Fiance’s Ex at YOUR Wedding?

Austin in Norfolk wrote in with an icky Sitch. He and his girlfriend just got engaged and it’ll be the first marriage for both of them (late 20s). Austin’s fiance has a close friend whom she also dated for almost two years, and she wants to invite this friend. Austin doesn’t like the idea. He trusts his fiance completely and says he has no problem with their friendship. He just feels weird having him there on their wedding day. On top of it, the ex is still single and presumably wouldn’t bring a guest to dilute his energy. Brian was firmly in Austin’s corner, while Kristina wasn’t. Kristina has remained friends with all her exes, whereas Brian finds it easier to cut them out completely. 

Opinions were close to an even split, with maybe a few more people supporting the ex’s attendance. Billie called in and questioned whether Austin has met the ex. We assume so, but Billie said if he hasn’t then the Ex shouldn’t be invited. If he IS invited, he should probably get on good terms with Austin first. Great feedback today. Join the conversation on Facebook @929TheWave!

Judy wasn’t on Brian’s side today 🙁