Let Them Stay?

Lauren in Virginia Beach has a friend who’s reached out over facebook because she wants to stay at Lauren’s place while she visits the beach for five nights. They went to college together but haven’t talked in 15 years! Lauren was suspicious that her friend was essentially just using her for her place while she visits. So she wondered, first of all, should she let her friend stay? and if not, how to politely turn her friend down?

Brian of course urged Lauren to consider hosting her friend, so long as the friend is chill, respectful, and can keep to herself when she needs to. If she’s no baggage whatsoever than what’s the big deal? Only one other person (on facebook) shared Brian’s opinion. EVERYONE ELSE, including Kristina, said to not let this happen. The easiest excuse being right in front of us the whole time: Covid-19.

Beth in Virginia Beach had some good thoughts!