Public Shaming In Order?

Chelsea in Yorktown wrote in because she wants her money back! She loaned $5,000 to a “friend” last December, and the friend said at the time that he’d pay her back $10,000 in six months’ time. Chelsea knew this was a bit unlikely, but she went through with it anyway knowing she probably wouldn’t get that interest. Cut to now and her friend is outright denying that she even sent him the money. She has screenshots to prove it and she was wondering if it’s in bad taste to post them on facebook and tag his friends. Brian was initially for it, but then realized even if you get him to admit to his misdeed, it won’t get her any closer to the money. According to the majority of listeners, she should skip the drama route and just go straight to small claims court since she already has proof anyway.

However, if she does want to embarrass him in some way, Marie suggested she could set up a “go fund me” page where people online donate money to a cause. Brilliantly hilarious solution, Marie.

Marie and Fred weigh in