Sabrina in Chesapeake wrote in because her little sister keeps making everything about HER! Sabrina got married over the weekend (congrats!), but she feels wronged by her sister because sis was revealing to everyone that she’d recently gotten engaged. She didn’t make a grand announcement or anything, but allegedly she was “flexing” (showing off) her new ring and so on. Sabrina got upset, called her out on it, and now they’re in a bit of a sibling fight so that’s why she wrote in.

This one was very split, with Kristina and Brian respectfully disagreeing. Kristina backed up Sabrina because apparently this is a pattern of behavior with the sister, and she needs to cut it out. Brian thought Sabrina was taking it far too personally, because her sister shouldn’t have to hide that fact. If the sister was simply mingling and introducing her “new fiance” then that is no big deal to Brian. It really depends on how much of a big deal she made it. If she made a conscious effort to draw attention to it, then yeah she’s being personal and probably trying to take some attention from her sister. But if she’s innocent and truthful about it, then it shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

Barb echoed Brian’s sentiment perfectly!