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Pandemic Pudgies? Be Kind While You Rewind To A Slimmer You.

I’ve spent most of my life doing the weight loss thing. The one thing I have finally learned, is you don’t have to beat yourself into submission. My friend Meagan and I recently made a pact to get rid of our Pandemic Pudgies together, and she is very stressed about not losing weight since week…


Kristina’s Yummy Banana Bread!

Today as part of Kristina’s ongoing Making Mondays Magical Baking Campaign, she made banana bread! Below is the recipe if you want to try it yourself, it’s always a winner and easy to do. The most important part is the base of cinnamon and sugar at the bottom of the bread pan! Ingredients: 1/4 cup…


Making Mondays Magical Baking Series, Week Two.

It’s week two of Kristina’s Making Mondays Magical Baking Series for her coworkers, and this week it was blueberry muffins. Also raspberry muffins if you prefer. Not to brag, bust someone did admit it made their Monday Magical and Brian says he woke up looking forward to the baking. It’s a super simple recipe too!…


Diet Wins Are Made Together!

All the latest studies confirm, the best way to win at the weight loss game is to get an accountability partner. Therefore, my friend Meagan and I are doing this thang together. I went vegetarian, I am not sure if I will stick to that part, but I am also using the Lose It app…

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Kristina Gets Back To Nature

  I’ve been in my new apartment for two weeks and Suffolk and just yesterday discovered that I have a great park nearby! Have you been to Bennett’s Creek Park? It has everything. boat launches, frisbee golf, skate park, picnic tables and more. I personally was looking for hiking trails, which it also has. Do…

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Kristina Attempts Making Mondays Magical!

  I decided that since nobody likes Mondays, I am singlehandedly going to make them better! Maybe magical is too far to strive, but I have decided to bake every Monday here at work. These Chocolate Chip Rolo cookies seemed to be a hit, and they are so simple. Just use your favorite Chocolate Chip…


Kristina Takes The Cake, Literally.

My first baking fail happened today, all because I didn’t have a spoon! I love to bake but only half of my kitchen things have arrived from my former home in New York. I was half way through baking a birthday cake for a co-worker and I realized I had NO SPOON to mix it…

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Get to Know Kristina from “The Wave Wake-Up With Kristina and Brian”

Kristina was born in the small town of Huntington, Massachusetts but went to high school in Wilmington, North Carolina. She started part-time in radio while in high school at the age of 16<! At the age of 17, she joined the US Naval Reserves and served as a Hospital Corpsman. She attended East Carolina University…


Get to know Brian from ‘The Wave Wake-Up with Kristina and Brian’

Brian is a purebred Millennial born in Wilmington, DE but raised in Chesapeake, VA. He attended JMU and technically graduated in 2015. It was during his time here when he discovered an interest in radio and decided to join the independent, student-run station. They gave him the jazz slot that nobody wanted, and Brian happily…