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Once upon a time, on the only historic day in Kansas, Storm Avery was born in the second ever recorded incident of immaculate conception(or so her mom told her). With an inability to shut up, she was bound for radio.


Despite a No. 1 world ranking in curling, Storm went to college on a Scrabble scholarship. She quickly excelled in words starting with the letter X. Her love of music inspired her to bribe the Professor in charge of the college radio station to give her an on­-air shift. That bribe eventually led to Storm’s career in radio. She actually went to college to be a psychotherapist which comes in handy in the radio industry(more than you might think). Storm’s love of radio and the sound of freedom led her to move to Virginia Beach right before Thanksgiving in 2018.


Storm is completely obsessed with fast cars, music, animals, war movies, football, “Grey’s Anatomy,” anything by Stephen King and the military. She’s won a number of awards over the years including Celebrity Frog Jumping Champion, 13th runner-­up in the little Miss Kansas contest, 6th grade Spelling Bee Champion and Most Likely to Be a Roadie.


(Disclaimer: Some of this bio is factual. Other parts were the result of Mad Libs.)


Whitney Houston Hologram Tour Starts Feb. 25th But Some Fans Think It’s Wrong

“An Evening With Whitney” is set to begin February 25th. Pat Houston, the singer’s former manager, told Rolling Stone “This is something that she wanted to do, and I get very emotional watching this because it is so close to what she wanted. The only thing missing was her, physically.” The tour, set to kick…


Would You Buy This $9K Engagement Ring Shaped Like a Pizza? {PHOTO}

Domino’s is giving away an engagement ring shaped like a pizza for $9K!  Would you want this?   Does someone have a ‘pizza’ your heart? We’re giving one lucky pizza lover the chance to pop the question with this diamond pizza slice engagement ring! #pizza #engagementring — Domino’s Australia (@Dominos_AU) February 3, 2020…

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Twitter’s Full

Tennessee’s Department of Transportation has new highway sign reminding drivers not to text and drive. It refers to a famous Cousin Eddie line from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Check it our here.

gas pump and money

Bye Bye State Vehicle Inspections?

We all dread the annual chore of the state car inspection. But that could soon change. Auto inspections in Virginia would disappear in Governor Northam’s proposed budget. But gas taxes would go up over three consecutive years. Tobacco users would also pay more in taxes. Read the full story here.

Cheesecake FB preview

Whole Lot of Baking Going On

According to a survey by OnePoll 65 percent of us will exchange baked goods this holiday season.  The most popular items include sugar cookies (42 percent), carrot cake (32 percent), pumpkin pie (26 percent) and Kringle (17 percent). Read here.


Flu Season

Better wash those hands. The CDC says flu levels in Virginia are widespread. It’s not too late to get your flu shot if you have not already had one. Read more here.


Feeling Fatter

Feel like you gained some weight over Thanksgiving weekend? You’re not alone. Read more here.


National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Is Returning to Theaters.

You serious Clark? To celebrate the movie’s 30th anniversary, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is hitting the theaters! Starting Dec. 5, AMC Theatre locations around the country will show the comedy classic. In Coastal Virginia you’ll be able to see it at AMC Lynnhaven 18 and AMC Hampton Towne Centre 24. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is returning…

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Meth. We’re on it.

      South Dakota’s governor is defending the state’s anti meth campaign. Governor Kristi Noem says extreme shock was the intent of the tagline. Noem launched the initiative Monday with the slogan “Meth. We’re On It”, which has created an internet buzz. The state has reportedly spent nearly $500k on the campaign. Full story here.  …

christmas tree 2

Christmas Vacation

Now you can own your very own Christmas Vacation ceramic village. It includes the Griswold home with actual lights that really work. The village even includes Cousin Eddie’s RV. You can buy it on Amazon for $129.99. Read more here.


Twinkies for Breakfast

It is finally acceptable to eat Twinkies for breakfast. Twinkies cereal, a collaboration between Post and Hostess brands, will be hitting the shelves at Walmart in December. It will cost you about $4 a box. Full story here. More than six years after a Twinkies shortage gripped the United States, the sweet snack is stronger than…

Christmas tree 3

Home for the Holidays

Jack Daniels has donated $100,000 to kick off a campaign with the Armed Services YMCA for the “Operation Ride Home”. The campaign provides financial assistance to active duty junior-enlisted military members and their families to travel home during the holidays. Full story here.


Holy Leaping Lizards Batman!

A Chico, California police officer says a man gave her a “fright” when a lizard suddenly jumped out of of his coat pocket during a search. See video here.


Hand Sanitizer or Soap?

It’s cold and flu season. Getting a flu shot is important, but you should also keep your hands clean.  Washing your hands with soap and water is ideal, but using hand sanitizer is the next best option, according to Consumer Reports. The best way to clean your hands is to wash them with soap and water for at…


Cheapest Thanksgiving Dinner

For the low cost of $15.99 you can have this for Thanksgiving. Introducing The Pringles Friendsgiving Feast Turducken Kit! It comes with three kinds of bird flavored chips: Turkey, Duck and Chicken. Plus Cranberry Sauce, Stuffing and Pumpkin Pie Flavors. The kits go on sale tomorrow, November 7th online only. Click here to find out…

Christmas presents

Gift Giving Season

A recent report by the Journal of Consumer Psychology found something that will save gift-givers a lot of money and time this upcoming holiday season. They found friends and family are more likely to dislike a gift when it is wrapped perfectly. Recipients are more likely to be pleasantly surprised with a nice gift wrapped poorly. WHAT??? Read…


Sweating and Swearing

SH*T! A new study reveals swearing can help with your workout. Researchers at Keele University in England say swearing works to support your stress response. It results in a rush of adrenaline which boosts your heart rate and oxygen intake.  The full story here.


Sinking in Pittsburgh

A sinkhole swallowed a Pittsburgh city bus during this morning’s rush hour. Only the driver and one passenger were on the bus at the time of incident. The passenger had minor injuries. Read here


Scary Halloween Beer

Samuel Adams launched a brew that is super scary with a frightening 28 percent alcohol by volume.   Forbes reports that the suggested retail price is $210 per bottle. YIKES! Full story here.