Operation Smile

Every day, Operation Smile is transforming lives. A simple joy of childhood  blowing bubbles. But, for a child born with a cleft lip or cleft palate, blowing a bubble can be quite a challenge.

Children born with cleft conditions can also struggle to nurse, making breastfeeding difficult and increasing the risk of malnutrition. They are at higher risk of ear infections and permanent hearing loss. They can struggle to speak and may be shunned and ostracized by their communities.

Operation Smile is changing lives by providing free surgery, nutrition programs, dental care, orthodontia, speech therapy, and psychosocial care to patients with cleft conditions. Hundreds of thousands of patients across more than 30 countries have received transformational care from Operation Smile.

Learn how you can help us reach the millions of patients waiting at operationsmile.org

A Window to the World: The Anthony L. & Hideko S. Burgess Interactive Learning Center

Take an amazing journey without leaving Virginia through Operation Smile’s Anthony L. and Hideko S.Burgess Interactive Learning Center. Meet some of the patients Operation Smile serves, step into the typical home of some of these patients, and experience an Operation Smile operating room.