Bride Tells Guests That They Have to Spend at Least $400 on Their Wedding Gift [PICS]

Bridezillas are EVERYWHERE:

One Reddit user recently decided to share the Facebook post of a bride-to-be, who remains unnamed, who posted a long list of the gifts she wanted from family members as well as a spreadsheet so she would avoid getting duplicates. The kicker? She wanted guests to spend a minimum of $400 each.

The post reads:

“So we are all aware that my wedding is coming up in October.

“That being said, I would like to announce our gift registry to everyone! To all those coming to my wedding, there are a list of gifts that you can bring. You MUST choose from the list or consult me first. There are no exceptions.”

“The list includes:”

“1. Any KitchenMaid appliances over $350 ($A510) this does NOT mean regular kitchen items like an apron or spatula. I’m talking about their stand mixer, blender, etc.”

“2. Any Gucci or Louis Vuitton purses. Other purses are allowed but please consult me first.”

The list continues…

“3. Any clothes OVER $400 ($A580) from Calvin Klein, Moschino, or Nora’s.”

“4. New floor tiles for the entire house (I know this one is a bit of a stretch but i’d gladly appreciate it)

“5. A new car of a new trim for my car, or anything in relation to the car.”

“[6.] $400 or more gift card to any of the following places: Fifth Sak’s Avenue, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Whole foods, Sprouts, maybe even JCPenny. Other places are acceptable but please talk to me first.”

“[7.] Any Korean or Asian beauty products totaling $400 or more.”

“[8.] Any HIGH CLASS paintings or decorations totaling $400 ($A580) or more.”

“[9.] A cash gift of $400 ($A580) or more.”

The post continues:

“So as you can see, there are a lot of things on here. I am expecting everyone to spend AT LEAST $400 on wedding gifts. I’ll accept slightly lower amounts as long as you tell me first. Also, everything on here is first come, first serve. Remember to apply early if you don’t want to get me a Gucci purse or anything you don’t want to get!”

Unsurprisingly, Reddit users were shocked by the woman’s demands.

One user wrote: “Intersecting all the gifts are about her (clothes, purses). Who buys someone a purse for their wedding gift?”

Another added: “This is just rude tbh. Presents aren’t because you are entitled to them. They’re because I want to show you my love and appreciation.”

“I’d show up with whatever I thought she’d like that I could afford and if I’m turned away at the door I’ll return my gift and get my money back.

“Any ‘friend’ that makes demands like this isn’t a friend.”

One user joked: “I really hope that everyone invited to the wedding thinks the exact same thing so every present they go to open is a bumper sticker or some car item that costs less than $5.”

As did another: “I’m gonna go ahead and spend $400 on a divorce lawyer as that should cover the groom’s first hour with him. Anyone want to pitch in?”