The Creators of Seinfeld Made 9 Figures in the Seinfeld-to-Netflix Deal

Seinfeld is heading to Netflix, and its creators are reportedly a lot richer thanks to the streaming deal. Sources tell the Wrap that Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David will each make nine figures, with one saying they\’ll get $100 million to $125 million each and another saying the amounts are even higher than that. That\’s just part of the reported $500 million (or more) Netflix is said to have paid for streaming rights, and ScreenRant explains a few contributing factors that may explain why it paid so much: First, of course, it needed a series to replace Friends and The Office, both of which it\’s losing—and second, it has global streaming rights, meaning it can stream the series around the world, not just in the US. WarnerMedia and NBCUniversal, conversely, only have US streaming rights for Friends and The Office. Hulu currently holds the US streaming rights for Seinfeld, and Amazon holds most of the foreign streaming rights, but those deals are up in 2021, when the series heads to Netflix.