Adele is Rumored to Have a New Romance

Rumor has it…Adele has a new man in her life! Two weeks after the superstar singer officially filed for a divorce from husband Simon Konecki, she\’s being linked to British rapper Skepta, reports U.K.\’s Mirror. According to the outlet, Adele and Skepta have been supporting each other following their recent splits. \”They have a close bond and there\’s definitely a special connection,\” a source told the publication. \”They\’re spending more and more time together.\” The fellow Brits have actually been friends for quite some time now. Back in 2016, the \”Greaze Mode\” rapper opened up about his friendship with Adele in an interview with ES Magazine. \”Adele texts me all the time and keeps me in check,\” he admitted. \”She speaks to me about how things are going.\” Now, as the rumors circulate, Adele fans are taking to social media to totally lose their cool over this potential budding romance. \”When Adele said never mind, I\’ll find Someone Like You, I had no idea she meant Skepta,\” one Twitter user wrote. Chimed in another, \”If Adele and Skepta are dating, are we looking at Adepta or Skedele?\” Meanwhile others took a look back at his dating history, which includes Naomi Campbell. \”Skepta has dated both Adele and Naomi Campbell,\” one fan tweeted.\” Weighed in another, \”Damn I ship Skepta and Adele if true but reeealllllyy shipped Skepta and Naomi.\” Overall, the Internet⁠—and us too⁠—really hope she\’ll channel this new relationship into upcoming music. Or perhaps, they duo will even collaborate. As one user put it, \”We ain\’t ready for the fire if Adele and Skepta do a collab.\”