Jared Leto Was Reportedly Furious Over Joaquin Phoenix Being Cast as the Joker

Jared Leto reportedly tried to pressure Warner Brothers to kill their smash hit “Joker” because he was so jealous over Joaquin Phoenix being cast in the lead role. Leto, 47, who played the psychopathic villain in “Suicide Squad,” complained about the film to his agents, who also represent “Joker” director Todd Phillips, according to the Hollywood Reporter, who cited sources. He then went to his music manager, Irving Azoff, in an effort to get him to kill the film, according to the report. A source close to Leto told the Reporter he denied trying to pressure the movie studio to scrap the film. The showbiz outlet reported previously that Leto was hoping to star in a stand-alone Joker film of his own, and was furious when Warner Brothers cast Phoenix in the Phillips’ film.