Charlie Puth Says He Almost Died Twice on Tour

Charlie Puth went on three headlining tours in the span of two years — and he says it almost killed him. The 27-year-old singer, who last went on the road for his 2018 Voicenotes tour, tells the U.K. talk show Lorraine that he only recently figured out how to tour and stay healthy at the same time. \”I almost died twice, like literally,” Charlie says of his past tour experiences. “It was really tough. I kept getting sick. I was sick for like a year with a cold and I just wasn’t taking care of myself.” He adds that next time will be different. “Now I know how to tour,” he says. “I’ve figured it out. It took four years but…the fans make it all worth it.” Charlie plans to release his new album early next year, and a tour will likely follow. He’s released three new songs so far this year: “Cheating on You,” “I Warned Myself,” and “Mother.”