Billy Murray Working at P.F. Chang’s?

Bill Murray revealed he recently applied to work at the P.F. Chang’s restaurant located in Terminal A of the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, and shortly after, he got the job. “I did fill out an application at P.F. Chang’s at the Atlanta airport because I think that’s one of the great places,” the 69-year-old actor said on Amy Schumer’s podcast “3 Girls, One Keith.” As for what position he was gunning for, he said, “just to work there.” Oscar-nominated Murray was taken by how happy the employees seem to be at the chain. “It looks like they are having the best time working at P.F. Chang’s,” he said. When the restaurant got wind of Murray’s application, P.F. Chang’s announced that he got the job. “Bill, you’re hired! When can you start?” P.F. Chang’s tweeted.