The Oddest, Coolest and Priciest Items on Oprah’s Favorite Things List

What better way to signal the start of the holiday shopping season than with Oprah Winfrey\’s list of her favorite things? Winfrey has a whopping 79 gifts to recommend for shoppers this year. (That\’s down from the 107 items she recommended last year.) As usual, the long-running list has a range of gifts for pretty much everyone in your life. So, whether you\’re shopping for your loved one or you want to treat yourself, here are the oddest, coolest and most expensive items on her list. Coolest Piccolina Trailblazer Portrait Tees These awesome portrait tees with cool designs highlight iconic women such as Ruth Bader-Ginsberg. A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit nonprofit organizations that support girls\’ education and empowerment, according to the company\’s website. Ethan + Ashe Alkemista Alcohol Infusion Vessels Take your cocktails at home to the next level with these decanters that let you flavor your liquor. Truff Hot Sauce Who knew Oprah likes it hot? Truffles with hot sauce sounds like a match made in heaven. Courant Catch:2 Tired of plugging your devices in and out to charge them? Ditch the cables and drop your phone or AirPods right on top of the mat to wirelessly charge them while you sleep. Most expensive Apple Watch Series 5 ($799) Apple\’s latest smartwatch adds an always-on display, which could be the one new feature that finally convinces you to ditch the traditional watch for a smartwatch. De\’Longhi Dinamica Fully Automatic Coffee and Espresso Machine ($900) If you\’re serious about your coffee and espresso, this might be the perfect gift for you. Espresso machines aren\’t cheap, and this is actually cheaper than a lot of other high-end models. Bartesian ($350) Not a fan of mixing your own drinks? This mechanical bartender can do most of the work for you. Add in your favorite spirit and drop in a flavor capsule and let it do the rest. Flywheel homebike with built-in tablet ($1,999) Trying to compete with Peloton, instead of paying for all of those Flywheel spin classes you may save in the long run by having one right at home. HexClad Seven-piece set with lids and woks ($499) Good cookware does not come cheap, and these can last a lifetime if you take care of them. Prepster Emergency Backpack ($395) Is Oprah a doomsday prepper? This emergency backpack is quite pricey, but it comes with everything you may need in an emergency, including a pop-up tube tent, charger, rope and even freeze-dried ice cream. Wolf Gourmet Precision Griddle ($550) A good griddle is always handy. Oddest Out \’n\’ About Puffy Boots Since when did moon boots come back in style? The Architecture of Trees The architecture of… trees?