Taylor Swift MAY Release a Second Album Before the End of the Year

Here\’s a rumor that should grab your attention: Taylor Swift is planning to release an entirely new album before the end of the year. According to Hits Daily Double, rumors are \”flying\” around Nashville that Taylor has an all-new record which might be released before the end of 2019. And according to the scuttlebutt, this alleged record isn\’t the soundtrack to her upcoming movie CATS, in case you thought that might be it. Taylor\’s current album Lover dropped in August. However, we should point out that December 13 — a date that, you may have noticed, comes before the end of the year — is Taylor\’s birthday. And it\’s not just any birthday: It\’s the big 3-0. Could Taylor be planning something special to mark this milestone? After all, releasing two records in 12 months isn\’t that unusual these days. For example, Ariana Grande released her album Sweetener in August of 2018 and then dropped her current album, thank u, next in February 2019.