Kelly Clarkson Says She and John Legend Didn’t Kill Christmas

Kelly Clarkson is responding to the backlash that she and John Legend received for updating the lyrics to the popular holiday tune, \”Baby, It\’s Cold Outside.\” On Tuesday\’s episode of \”The Kelly Clarkson Show,\” Legend\’s wife Chrissy Teigen and the \”Breakaway\” singer called criticism of the song \”so weird.\” \”Did you not hear that John (Legend) and I ruined Christmas recently?\” Clarkson, 37, joked. \”I was like, \’how did I mess that up?\’\” Clarkson and Legend drew criticism after updating lyrics in the iconic song, including \”say, what\’s in this drink?\” and \”what\’s the sense in hurting my pride?\” to more #MeToo-friendly lyrics. Among the most vocal critics was Sharon Osbourne, calling the new version \”ridiculous.\” When Clarkson explained her reasoning for the update, Teigen, 33, added: \”Then Sharon (Osbourne) assumed that you burned (the original song) in the backyard or something and they can never listen to the original again.\” \”Both John and I have actually cut \’Baby, It\’s Cold Outside,\’ the original, and we like the original, but we noticed a lot of people didn\’t,\” the \”American Idol\” champ explained. \”We were like, \’let\’s just give them another option\’ or whatever, and apparently, we killed Christmas.\” The duo then joked about people getting upset over a \”creepy\” and \”date rapey\” song, but admitted that the original didn\’t offend them.