Dakota Johnson and Ellen Had a Cringeworthy Exchange


An RSVP misunderstanding between Dakota Johnson and Ellen DeGeneres led to a hilariously awkward interview last week. On Wednesday, the Fifty Shades of Grey actress stopped by DeGeneres’ talk show, when the host struck up conversation about Johnson’s recent 30th birthday party in Malibu. What DeGeneres, 61, failed to remember, however, is that she was invited to the gathering — which she did not attend. “How was the party? I wasn’t invited,” DeGeneres jested, before Johnson quickly reminded her that she was included on the event’s guest list. “Actually, no, that’s not the truth, Ellen,” Johnson corrected. “Last time I was on the show, last year, you gave me a bunch of s— about not inviting you, but I didn’t even know you wanted to be invited,” Johnson said in the recent appearance, to which DeGeneres responded, “Well, who wouldn’t want to be invited to a party?” “Well, I didn’t even know you liked me,” Johnson laughed. “Gosh, this isn’t going well,” Johnson laughed about the awkward interview.