Owen Wilson Has Never Seen His Baby Girl

Owen Wilson pays $25,000 a month to support the upkeep of the daughter he\’s never met. Court papers seen by website RadarOnline reveal the actor agreed to pay the huge sum to former on/off lover Varunie Vongsvirates, after a DNA test he insisted upon revealed him to be the father last year. Varunie filed a paternity petition with the court in May 2018, five months before baby Lyla Aranya Wilson was born. In a July 2018 response, Wilson checked the \’none\’ box under visitation rights and wrote that he was \’not certain if he is the parent\’. Varunie and Owen casually dated for five years before splitting up. After the baby was born the pair\’s lawyers agreed to a $25,000 monthly payment, along with a one off $70,000 to cover a night nurse, labor coach and Varunie\’s legal fees. Wilson also agreed to add his daughter to his Screen Actors Guild medical insurance. Varunie filed for sole custody of the child, and under the agreement makes all decisions regarding the youngster\’s health, education and welfare. The legal documents also state that neither parent should \’make disparaging and/or derogatory remarks about the other party, or their significant others, if any, in the presence of the minor child.\’ The revelations come after Varunie spoke publicly for the first time to beg Owen to finally meet their one-year-old, telling him via DailyMail.com that Lyla \’looks just like you\’. Confirming that he supported the youngster financially, Varunie said however: \’He helps financially but it\’s never been about that.\’ Varunie addressed Owen, 50, directly, when asked if she had a message for her ex: \’You should see your daughter, she\’s incredible, you\’re really missing out. She looks just like you.\’ The 35-year-old told DailyMail.com that her former lover is \’not involved at all\’ with their little girl and has \’never\’ even met his youngest child. \’Owen has never met Lyla. Never,\’ Vongsvirates explained last month. Questioned about this, she added: \’Lyla needs a father. It\’s ironic how [Owen] keeps getting these father roles, he\’s playing a father in his new movie, and he\’s never met his own daughter.\’