Ryan Reynolds Narrowly Escaped Being Crushed at Comic-Con

Ryan Reynolds narrowly escaped serious injury when a barricade that was holding back hundreds of fans gave way and almost crushed the actor. The 43-year-old star was at CCXP 2019, a Comic-Con Experience in São Paulo, Brazil on Saturday to promote his new movie, \”Free Guy.\” The event brought several major Hollywood stars south of the equator including Daisy Ridley and the rest of the \”Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker\” cast. The \”Detective Pikachu\” star was waving and greeting thousands of screaming fans when he jumped down off the stage to shake a few hands. As soon as he approached the swarming fans, the barricade broke and Reynolds used his impressive reflexes and response time to fling himself out of the way and onto the stage. The scary videos, that immediately began circulating on social media, show that if Ryan hesitated for a moment longer, he would have been trapped under the barricade and hundreds of fans. Security immediately rushed over the check on the star but he escaped serious injury. Just like a superhero, he was only concerned for the safety of the fans who ended up going down to the ground and not his own. Other angles of the incident made it clear that the venue was not meant to handle the massive crowd because they broke the barriers on both sides of Reynolds\’ narrow stage. Luckily, no one suffered any significant injuries and the event went on as planned.