Harvey Weinstein Reaches a $25 Million Tentative Settlement With Accusers

After years of legal proceedings, former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein has reached a tentative $25 million settlement with dozens of women who have accused him of varying degrees of sexual harassment and assault, the New York Times reported Wednesday. The settlement is between Weinstein, the board of his bankrupt production company and more than 30 women who have filed civil suits against him. Weinstein will not have to personally pay anything as part of the settlement, according to the Times, which will be financed by the production studio’s insurance companies. The outlay is part of a larger $47 million settlement that would wrap up all of the Weinstein Company’s outstanding financial obligations. In order for the deal to be finalized, the Times said a court must approve it and all parties must sign off. If it does go through, Weinstein will admit no wrongdoing and 18 of the accusers will split $6.2 million, with no one receiving more than $500,000. Representatives for Weinstein and lawyers representing board members and other involved parties did not respond to the Times report. What to watch for: Weinstein’s criminal trial. It begins in January and involves sexual assault charges brought by two women. He is currently free on a $2 million bond consisting of stocks, bonds and cash.